This reminds me of a girl that contacted me once, she wanted to be a photographer and asked if she could assist me. She showed me her "portfolio" consisting of vacation shots and boring snaps around town, all straight from the camera I might add. I took pity on her and brought her on an editorial fashion shoot, afterwards I bought her dinner and I tried to give her some tips, but I could tell she was pretty much convinced that she was already an accomplished photographer (she had sold one of her photos of a building facade to an AD agency after all). As expected I never heard from her again, about a year later though I hear she started a company and even got grant money for "most promising business idea of the year", the idea you ask? She started a website where other companies can upload a brief detailing photographs they need while paying little to no money and then have average joe who think it's "fun to take pictures" bid on the assignment. Needless to say I facepalmed.