Many of us cried out when Kodak announced that Supra Endura would only be available in rolls and not cut sheets anymore. I had even written a letter to the CEO, from which I received a phone call from the head of the paper division to try to find a solution, though for just myneeds as an educator. We all assumed the reason was low volume sheet sales and Kodak did not want to bother with us anymore, and Kodak never gave us a reason. A few weeks ago, the Society for Photographic Education held its annual conference and it was attended by a few Kodak reps. We discussed this with them and they explained exactly what had happened.

Kodak and Fuji were outsourcing their cutting operations to one company in North Carolina. I use the word company loosely, because it was actually just one man cutting all the paper and packaging it. He quit. Apparently he tried to sell his business, but nobody bought it,so when he stopped offering his service to them, there was nobody left to do it. Fuji was still set up to cut in-house, but Kodak was not. They have been displeased with the qualities of the Supra Endura VC, thus leading to the optically printable Endura Premiere and they are looking for ways to get it cut and packaged in cut sheets. They recognize our part in supporting them financially by buying their stuff, which we can't do if they don't cut it and package it. There was no word on when it may happen, or even if it was definite, but it is encouraging that they are looking for solutions.