Hi all, and thanks for replies so far...
Here is my 2 cents worth.

Thanks for putting in the effort. I have never bee a fan of the 3d way of looking at things, although I have recently purchased a pinhole stereo camera. That's about as close as it gets for me. I did like your little pentax adventure. Those little things came with a bunch of lenses too, in a purpose built case? Another strange object from the 80's. The two portraits are quite good at this size too.

I use the same lens quite often and appreciates its ability to 'flatten' the image with not much effort. Your photo makes me want to take a week off work.

I like this photograph, good effort. It doesn't look like your typical Tuscan image yet still retains much character. I think it is mainly due to the sense of depth you get from the diverse range of tones. Well balanced. I have some other bleach variations that I'm working on, happy to share... (and confuse). Note on the Ilford Selenium - I was trying a bunch of papers (all developed in PQ) and was surprised to find a notable colour shift after only 1 min at 1+9 dilution. And - none of the papers were Oriental. I like it though, will persist. So, side by side it is very different to KRST. On that note, anyone ever use the Adox selenium toner? It's a little like cornflakes, people constantly say they are different brands all made in the one factory. It's a lie.

Nice to see you're using PQ. It's a stable developer and one of my faves. I like the graphic nature of this image.

I'm not a guru on the technicalities of colour printing so can say much here. It is a pleasant minimalist approach.

I'm with Ged on this one - bump it 1/3rd or 1/2 a grade up. I can see though, since it's on Foma RC the blacks will probably 'dump'.
Seems you have enough in the neg to play with.

Nice camera! Do you use the LF much? Forget your yellow filter, pump some more time into it.

Nice balance, but you mentioned you cropped. I do wonder if the uncropped version retained more depth?

I would love to see this on Fibre base. These trees and leaves would appear so much more delicate.

I got two prints of yours. One matt, other gloss. Great to see another Fibre print.
Not too fond of the matt. It is not a true matt. I think only Ilford make a true matt. I much prefer the gloss. Anything that is gloss is easier to see and retains clarity. Nice photograph. I would probably add time, reduce filter, and then bleach.