[QUOTE=MattKing;1331911]Ilford ship containers of merchandise to their US distributors regularly.

Not only does Ilford manage that but apparently manages to still sell the paper cheaper than they do to the U.K. customers where the paper is cut and packaged

Paper like other goods can still be sent around the world and sold at a profit. Maybe the one man operation in the U.S. who was Kodak's sole cutter was the sole cutter when Kodak paper was still being sold as cut sheets in the U.K.

If Fuji is the only company to supply cut sheets and most mini-labs in the U.K. use Fuji paper anyway which wasn't the case a few years ago, then there is only one outcome i.e. Fuji wins and has the monopoly. I wonder what happens to prices when there is only one supplier???

Maybe Kodak once thought it could shrug its shoulders when faced with the loss of the RA4 paper market but hopefully realises that it is now a market worth fighting for.