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No sharpening done by me. I just imported the CD images as straight scans into lightroom and exported them to flickr. I didn't request sharpening on my order. But I was curious, so I called Precision Camera in Austin, and spoke to the lab director who confirmed that, as a default, they DO use autosharpening on their high resolution Noritsu scanner. In any event, this was my first film processing order with Precision Camera, and I was very impressed with the quality.
That's what I thought. You can easily tell by zooming in on the ridge line of the mountain - you'll see the telltale sign of sharpening by noticing that the sky pixels adjacent to the dark ridge pixels are brighter than the surrounding sky pixels. That's what sharpening does. Anyway, nice shots.

I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=39.928154,116.427981