Of course, the nicest HBlad portrait lens is the 110/2 that can only be used on the focal plane shutter (F) series. The 150 is the most popular lens used by portrait studios. The 120 and 180 will be slightly sharper than the 150, but sharpness is not always what you want for portraits anyway. The chrome lenses are fine, especially for portraits, if you can live with the linked shutter speed/aperture and sharp knurled metal rings. Also, HBlad doesn't stock parts for the chrome lenses anymore (but there are thousands of dead ones to scrounge from). The later C lenses were made with the T* coating - they were also made concurrently in black chrome - and are marked with a red "T*" on the barrel. Considering how cheap HB lenses are these days, aim for the CF series... INMO the mid 1980s were the peak, and they the quality went downhill in the mid-1990s.