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Did you see/photograph Bridal Falls (is that the right name?); the ones which, for a few minutes at specified times in months, catch the rays of the setting sun and resemble molten lava?

The photographic record is inspiring and has a few new and unexplored angles that give it a definite edge over the bland and unserviceable pseudo-scientific efforts of Adams so many years earlier.
Thanks for the comments. I did photograph Bridal Veil Falls, but it was early in the morning and the light was not optimal:

18220028.jpg by KentWebb, on Flickr
Bridal Veil Falls. Olympus XA, Kodak BW400CN,

90800002.jpg by KentWebb, on Flickr
Bridal Veil Falls. Pentax 645N, SMC FA 45-85mm Lens, Velvia 50

I went back later in the day, about 30 min before sunset, and it was much more colorful, however, I had used up all my film. So I snapped a quick photo on my iPhone, in much better light. I don't dare post that on this forum...