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Of course. I'm not surprised. I only asked because the photo evidence contradicted the original poster's statement: "no digital manipulation except resizing." Sharpening is digital manipulation, and when evaluating the quality of a camera's images, it should be noted.

I'm not trying to raise a stink here, just wanted to clarify what I was seeing. I like the images.
Thank you for your comments. I have no experience scanning my own film, and recently got back into film after about a 10 year hiatus, so I send it to professional labs. I did not realize they do autosharpening as a default. I appreciate your discerning eye in pointing this out. I simply meant that I did NO playing around in PS or LR with these images.

It was interesting to me that the little Olympus XA images compared very favorably with my medium format Pentax 645N. Here's a direct comparison:

18210025.jpg by KentWebb, on Flickr
Olympus XA, Kodak BW400CN

52260011.jpg by KentWebb, on Flickr
Pentax 645N, SMC FA 75mm lens, Kodak TriX