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A simple technique, but not forgotten. A quick search will turn up any number of links to companies producing small coating machines. Most are aimed at specialist labs needing repeatable coatings on an assortment of substrates. The same idea is also used in the electronics industry for soldering components to circuit boards.

I have trouble getting consistant defect free coatings when I make glass plates, and have considered a roller. Cleaning and wastage put that idea to bed, but I've also considered spin coating as a potential answer.
i can't remember where i read it,
but martin reed who wrote the book on silver gelatin said
that his best plates were the ones that were totally submerged.
i was thinking of filling a small tray with emulsion getting wires on all 4 corners of my glass
( to lift up, lay down the plate ) but it seemed like a huge mess. a sponge brush always seemed to give me the best coat.