I have two Domke bags. One is too small for me and the other is too big. Go figure. One is a sand colour f-803, lightly used condition. No stains, rips, etc, but might have a couple faded marks or a touch of dirt that can come off. Really though, it's in excellent condition as you can see from the photo and I haven't bothered to clean it up as it still looks amazing. The other is a black F7 Double AF bag (with additional Domke shoulder pad), which is a bigger, sturdier bag in like new condition with the only marks being paint scratches on the metal black rings. I'm looking to trade with cash or straight up for a Dome f2 or f1x in black. I'm 100km outside the GTA (Toronto) area, but always looking for an excuse to go into the city and do some shooting. Don't want to spend more money on shipping for these items unless it's for the f803 bag. Shipping the F7 Double AF bag would be too expensive to make it worth it. I don't have photos yet, so just look up the B&H website or Henry's for reference. I could even sell them outright, but I'd like to hold out for a trade first.