I've been so fortunate to have spent a lost 3 1/2 years in Tokyo, especially when it comes to photography. As many others have done, I started photography in film/darkrooms. Along came digital and I dumped a bunch of $$$ and time on dig/Photoshop. I have missed the tangibility of film, so I've started my journey back.

It began when I picked up a Holga 120GN, a number of Polaroids and an Olympus Trip 35 for fun. The stable has increased to a decent Mamiya 645 and, as of yesterday, a very clean and working Mamiya RB67 Pro S with a 127mm lens, 120 back and a stock Mamiya Polaroid Back. I start resealing the RB67 next week.

The family and I are moving to the Dallas area in June. Hopefully there are a few APUG folks out in that area.