Many congratulations Dorothy for the Erie Art Museum show, the other shows and the sale. I am really happy things are going so well for you. You may have been the last to hear that you do really great and creative work. I am looking forward to see what you do bring to our event. Get to work.

I agree with Lee on the subject. One of my fellow students has done a series this spring on the contents and method of display of three antique stores she has been visiting. It is very interesting in what she has found and how she has composed her images. I think you have her beat by a mile Dorothy, but it is certainly another interesting view.

Speaking of shows, I realize I didn’t mention how I liked Mat’s “Dapper” show last weekend. What a display, 30 matted images. What a turn out. Lee L, Jeff and I were there with spouses and significants. The place was packed with happy, interested, excited people. Great work.