Filters must be the biggest photo rip off there is.
Tiffen should be fine, though I've only got one.
I use Hoya, Kood, B+W, Jessops and Hamma, plus that Tiffen.
I can't tell one from the other. If you are using an SLR type camera then multi-coating is a waste of time, you get what you see, look out for flare and shade the lens when you see it.
Also check the secondhand camera stores, they have drawers full of secondhand filters, the good guys will sell em for pennies.
Oh and don't over tighten the filter, I never get em stuck (famous last words) cos I don't torque em up.

"Tiffen filters are widely used in the movie industry (but they also have budgets to replace filters as needed, pay assistants to clean them, shade lenses properly, etc.)."

Exactly, keep em clean, and when you see flare shade the lens. Now do you really need an assiatant to do that?