My latest experiences with KEH were both outstanding. I love their website but I have found that calling them is a good idea. I spoke to Mike at some length about the differences in several monorail 4x5 cameras, and he answered my questions, as did Josh when I actually ordered the camera. My new-to-me Cambo SCX, BGN grade for $159, is beautiful. The ground glass is clean, the bellows are fine, and everything works as it should. The BGN grade apparently applies only because the front standard focus knob is slightly crooked (no big deal). After receiving the camera, I discovered (the hard way!) that my Bogen 3221 with 804 head was not up to the task of holding this camera. So I called back and got more advice from Mike and ordered a Bogen 3036 with the 3047 head, again in BGN grade, for $149. BGN grade really is what it says - the gear works, it's just got some experience.