the pos. prints are drying right now. I can scan both the neg and the pos. to show you. I'll post in a bit here after they are dry. basically rated some older ilford rc vc for ISO6 and took a light meter reading accordingly to have setting of f8 and 2sec. then I placed it in a developer tray for 2min. then stop bath, fixer and water. I have a paper neg. Next, after dry...placed it in the contact frame emulsion side to emulsion side with another rc paper and exposed it thru the "neg" paper onto the new one this way with my enlarger open f4 for 1min. 20 sec. (i use a no.5 ilford contrast filter in the elarger too) then into developer tray for 1 min. then stop then fix then water then hang. (this is how mine worked out anyway)...all done in safelight which was nice - even loading the paper to the film holders to start was done in safelight -good for me since I'm learning.