Hi All who visit here,

Seems time for my periodic informal poll on emulsion making. This time I'd like to try to dig a little deeper. Not too many years ago, this sub-forum was vibrant and intellectually and creatively engaged. Of course, the whole world of photography is changing so fast the head spins. A person needs a month to just study the manual every time you do a pixel up-count, and I'd wager few photographers can resist the incredible new tools -- so time and money there. In addition, it looks pretty good for commercial analog right now. Lodima has gaslight paper covered beautifully, and Ilford is certainly in for the long haul with their superb lineup of materials. As is Photographers' Formulary, Bostick and Sullivan, Freestyle, BH, Artcraft, and many others, including the formerly secondary manufacturers, rapidly moving to the foreground. So, fear of loss isn't a motivator (thank the stars.)

Still, it's hard to believe that the interest in emulsion making has just faded away. If nothing else, I'd think that the need of many photographers to 'own' their process, soup-to-nuts, would show up here. But, it's all faded away. If anyone is willing to share, I'd love to hear the reasons you started making emulsions or were seriously considering it, and now have given up the idea. As far as I know, there are only about a half dozen of us who are going at it semi-seriously. It's easy, cheap, safe, beautiful, versatile -- so color me puzzled. Anyway, I'd love to hear from folks.