Hi there,
I am experimenting on a project where I need to shoot in critical light conditions (night city scenes @f22-32, without going over 5s exposures). I am evaluating I will need to shoot at about 3200~6400 ISO.
I worked at high ISO before, and I absolutely hate the image flatness of T-grain films even at nominal ratings, so I shot some tests on HP5+ at 3200 developed in Rodinal, with discreet results and not too bad fog.
But I though I might try some high silver emulsions such as Efke 100 or ADOX CHS.
My assumption is that, even if their nominal rating is 100 ISO, these films are more responsive than others to development, given the higher "mass" of the silver grains and the absence of dyes. I guess I might even get more shadow details, which get lost very easily in push processing.
Another plus factor is that I can take advantage of methods such as hydrogen peroxide or acetic acid intensification to increase film speed (WHY IN THE WORLD, STEVE ANCHELL, DID YOU TAKE THAT CHAPTER OFF YOUR BOOK? Does anybody know about those processes?).
My main question is which developer to use. I love Rodinal and I always used it because I don't mind the grain and I actually like it.
My goal is not image sharpness, but a wide tonal range. Is there something else that can give me better results than Rodinal?
Thanks a lot,