High silver content has NOTHING to do with image quality.
It is a myth that film and paper makes use to sell their items.

Efke 100 or ADOX CHS are the same films sold under different names.
I have used them both. If you want ANY shadow detail neither will work at EI 3200.

Fomapan 100 will responds well to the faint Green safelight discussed by STEVE ANCHELL. I get a TRUE film speed of about 250-320 with this method. I have tested it with a step tablet in the photo so I know I am really getting a true speed increase.

Try a high speed film like Tri-X if you will not use T grain films.
It is a better place to start if you are only going to go to a max of 5 second exposure.

If you can go with LONG exosures, like a few minutes then try Fuji Acros or Tmax 100.
They are faster then 400 speed films when used for very long exposures.