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This process is great fun and can be developed, otherwise I don't get it - I just don't understand the raving about something we have all tried, looked at and generally moved on from - This will be great if Jessica develops the work and pushes the process forward

But essentially I don't get such an obvious George Platt-Lynes homage

well - if you ask me everything has been done...

I use paper negatives mostly for portraits. With a couple of reasons:
1: it is much cheaper than film use.
2: it is much faster than film use..
3: I have rather big cameras - films for these are hard to get (and really, really expensive)
4: the most important reason: paper negatives give me something film doesn't. The orthochromatic sensitivity and also the imprint of the fibers in the paper used as negative. It can give me reaults I'd never be able to get from normal film.

the idea that it has been done before and therefore should be ignored is not my thinking.
I'm not moving foreward. I am moving in all directions. and if that takes be "back", then it is fine by me...

Jessica: congrats on your new "apartment"... now you "just" have to furnish it..

BTW: try fiberbased paper for the end result. That can give you even better looking images...