It is all about time. That's as much as anything behind my impulse to get a new D-camera, and I haven't even found the time to unpack it!! I'm already intimidated by what I know will be an inch-thick instruction book.

Only three years of high school left. Amazing. Your boys are still 12 years old in my head. As Cheryl Jacobs said in her new thread, "time flies". I'm off to San Francisco next month for what I think will be my son's final graduation (after 10 years of education past H.S.) Empty nest and still not enough time. When you find more of your own and decide to take the plunge, you know where to find me for a free dry plate/film how-to. I hold out hope that you'll mate handcrafted negatives with your (most beautiful in the world) carbon prints.

And, speaking of time... the time at the computer probably doesn't bear too close examination. I think I'll go out in the world with a camera or two. Gorgeous day here at the beach!