For those who knew me way back when I used to be on APUG religiously, I thought I'd share a project my kids and I have set out to complete this summer.

I discovered a love for photography when my kids were relatively small, and that's fortunate. I have lots and lots of early shots of them, from fairly amateur (read: embarrassingly "bad" images) to more evolved. We recently moved to a new house and in the process, I came across a box of 4x6's that I had totally forgotten about. There were some gems in there. Since my oldest son is about to be off to boot camp as a US Marine, we're all feeling a bit nostalgic, and had the idea that we would pick out our favorites and loosely recreate them. We're referring to it as "then and now", and having a great time making new memories in the process.

I'm sharing them here, since by necessity they have to be displayed together, and that's a little more digital involvement (only for the purpose of showing two shots together) than I feel comfortable posting in the gallery.