I find interest high (or normal compared over the years I have been here). We have filled, or nearly filled 3 workshops at George Eastman House with students from the US, Canada and Europe. And that is just for the contact (Azo type) paper. I get many e-mails and PMs on this subject as well.

The book and DVDs are selling well. Just about as expected. So many show interest. Sales include the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. I believe that sales in Europe extend to the middle east.

As for analog overall, well, if I get say 5 messages - 10 messages / week on emulsion making, I get 20 - 30 / week and sometimes that many per day regarding processing problems and formulation of all kinds of process solutions.

So, I see a lot of exchange going on in all areas, and a lot of interest.

Mark and I are working on extending the workshops due to the interest displayed in this type of work, and will have some on the schedule soon at GEH. Our Kodak Lunch Group certainly rouses a lot of interest as well. Then they can talk to a room full of former EK engineers about any topic they wish, and the air becomes electric sometimes with the rapid exchange of information and ideas.

So, from my POV, I see no decrease in activity. It is about the same, but with more people involved.

I wish to thank them all for their interest.