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Hi Ian
Good point about serial number. Thanx a lot.
Unfortunately i don't know very much about prewar cameras. Thanx for your advice about japan plate folders, also

regards, z.
You'll learn fast Zoli when you want to identify cameras It's a 9x12 camera and some times they were sold as Quarter plate in the UK/US, only the back and plate holders differed same width but quarter plate is slightly shorter.

I collect British Journal Photographic Almanacs and have a number now from the 1920's & 30's and it's noticable from the adverts that Schneider lenses were not common (here in the UK) except on Nagel and Kodak (Nagel) cameras until the mid 30's when Schneider began advertising themselves.

You might try watching German Ebay.de for 9x12 cameras being sold, I built up quite a list of makes, lenses and shutters, but ony 2 with Radionars. It took me a year to identify one of my British wood & brass camears and it was another 18 months before I finally saw an image of one the same size/format - so good luck