Yea John, I think what took me awhile to get my head around the entire process is I didn't realize you could do a contact directly through the paper.

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hey bruce

no need to worry about anything ...

a lot of people who have 30, even 40years experience doing darkroom and camerawork have no idea how to make paper negatives
they have no idea that if you don't have a negative but you have a print, you can make a paper negative from the print,
they have no idea you can retouch the paper negative with pencils, or it is possible to have fun just doing something that is as old
as the dawn of photography.

i love making paper negatives not because i think i am doing something new, but because it is FUN ...
and a lot of photography seems to be ignoring the fun aspect of using a camera, with people more interested
in gear-talk &c ...

john ...

you ARE grumpy