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If you stumble across this


like I did you might be scratching your head, like I did. Did Nikon give up on manual focusing lenses or didn't they? Are they experiencing push-back from digital owners who don't want (or already have) a big, heavy zoom and are looking for a few small primes? You know, primes like the 24 2.8 that they've heard people rave about for the last thirty years or so. Perhaps they don't want to pay $1200+ for a 24 1.4 like a pro might be willing to. I don't know the age of this page but some of the comments are pretty recent.

Furthermore, if they still have the tooling for these boys, what other tooling is still laying close to hand? Smart companies can make money in bad times as well as good, and without having to ramp-up for a 70s era boom. Quick, somebody give me a reality smackdown.

Are you in the market for some or what? I see 8 lenses...