I shoot 6x6, 6x7 and some 6x9 and use a LPL6700 plus a Omega D2V. I also have a draw full of enlarging lenses from many manufacturers and focal lengths. MY question is this, is there any advantage to using a Wide Angle CompononS 80mm f5.6 over a CompononS 80mm f4 for 6x6 negatives? I know the advantage for using the W.A. 80mm with 6x9 negatives and 6x7, but was curious about using one with 6x6. I have the W.A. 80mm CompononS, but never use it since I use a standard 80mm Meopta for 6x6, a 90mm Omicron/105mm Componon for 6x7 and a Componon 105 for 6x9. Anybody have any thoughts about the W.A. 80mm CompononS? JohnW