This looks like an excellent example of a wonderful camera. It's the Seikosha MX shutter model with 10 rounded blades; after this they went to 8 straight blades if this means anything to you. I have one and it's a great street shooter. Hold it in the left palm with the index finger on the focus lever, right hand with finger on shutter release, and it is quick and responsive. Great lens. Someone should buy this camera! Here's a series taken with it, to give people an idea that is a quality setup. You may not like my images but I think even at 1000x1000 the basic quality of the lens shows-
(Chrismat, let me know if you want my post and/or link removed, edited, etc. I just have a thing for Autocords and find it hard to believe that one at a fair price in good condition sits around doing nothing)