I certainly have my fingers crossed that you and Mark can give a dry plate workshop at GEH. Mark's recipe is the very definition of simplicity: . I think it's an excellent entry to the process. No one emails me about "process" questions, but we pretty much line up with emulsion making questions. I wish the numbers were higher, but what I was really referring to was this sub-forum. There's no getting around it -- the place isn't what it was. Are the people you talk with actually making emulsions? If so, I wish they'd share their experiences -- or at least some images. And if not, why not? Emulsion101 is even quieter. Perhaps there's more activity in the private GEH workshop alumni sub-forum(?)

Can hardly wait! (But reading and reflection are very good things -- I'm trying a bit of that philosophy myself.)

For you, I'll plan on the bathroom emulsion tutorial (and I'll try not to get too cute with the name!) It won't be before autumn, which I imagine suits you just fine. Gather the warmth and light during the summer months. It was the first dry, sunny day here in weeks and I gotta tell you, I'm not planning on going into the darkroom to develop today's film until it rains again!

I hope your Redwoods were as glorious as my Cape Perpetua today!