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Everything is in the past.

Lets face it, film ain't coming back as a major medium. It will forever be a nitch [niche]product now.

So who cares what anyone thinks of which process you use or if it will become more "popular"
I care, and my bank manager smiles - When digiography came along my colleagues laughed at my continuance with the medium, while I drove away with a super cheap 10x8" DeVere enlarger and a Sinar

Now the tide is turning and silver jelly original prints are getting sought by serious collectors, not very much in Australia yet (or ever) but in Asia, Europe and South America, so I imagine in USA soon - I am not pushing my work in Australia apart Rae's gallery in Pemberton and via my website

Serious workers are encouraged to stick with it and work hard at making the medium work in its niche