Great that your getting into it! Don't worry too much about the variety of different films and chemicals, really any commercial product will do fine! I like to have my students learn on Tri-X (Arista Premium) and good ol' D76. Its a nearly bullet proof combo, and a solid base to learn and build your skills on. Don't worry about grain at all, its part of the image. Anyway a bit of grain will make it easier for your eyes to find when your printing.

For printing paper and chemicals, try a Resin Coated, Variable Contrast Grade paper, with something such as Dektol.

I would also recommend you take a look a a little book called Black and White Photography by Henry Horenstien you can get it at any library or buy it used on amazon for $4. It is filled with good info, clear example images, and covers much of the basics of B&W photography, film development, and printing.

Good Luck!