Had a MONSTER scare today. We took our boat out for the first time this year. I decided to take my digi thing along with my Hartblei (K88). I have never carried a camera on the boat before. Both fit nice in a Domke bag. Going through a narrow area (Lake powell) we met a Large cabin cruiser going the opposite way. We got dropped into their wake pretty hard and the bow was swamped, so was the domke bag. We got the cameras out ASAP before any water got in but I would have been much happier if there was not a threat.

So, pelican case users, what case are you using? I want to carry one hartblei body, with prism finder attached. Three lenses, two film backs, film, and the Nikon D80.

The pelican site is set up with colors I cannot see, so finding something on the site is proving to be frustrating.

Except for the swamping it was a great day.