Revisiting "one camera" idea. So the classic advice goes "use one camera and one lens, one film etc. and get to know it."

Just recently took a break from 4x5 TMY-2 and did some work with 6x9 Panatomic-X in a Tessar Ikonta, found there were pinholes in the bellows. One shot, amazing, in bright sun the pinhole hit the film and drew a weird pattern exactly where the surge of local "old faithful" geyser was spouting. I had to print it for amusement even though the shot was "ruined" in the classic sense. I also used a spindly legs tripod and self-timer wasn't working and didn't have a cable release. So many, many shots were blurred. Usually I would discard such shots as failures and move on. But some were interesting compositions so I printed them anyway.

I don't want to say I lowered my standards. But I had different outcomes than I would have had if I had stuck to my "one camera".