Hi Bill,

I have many variations of old Agfa papers, while I can't tell you anything about whether or not it has cadmium in it, I can tell you that you're very likely to get results. Agfa AG merged with Gevaert Photo-Producten in 1964 but your packaging would be from a far more recent vintage, although I hesitate to even guess exactly when. Okay, from reading around other threads, the opinion seems to be that Agfa changed their formula in 1988 to exclude the cadmium and if you find your prints have the small Agfa logo repeated across the back of it, you've got a pre-1980s batch. (Please keep in mind that I'm merely parroting what I've gleaned from various message boards!)
Both the Portriga and Brovira that I have, have printed with a warm, creamy, almost salmon coloured base just developed in my standard Ilford Multigrade developer.

Hope this helps.