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Presumably, this would give a positive. I have said before that I had never seen an additive neg-pos system but Holmburgers posted one. So, I guess they could be made. I will have to work out the polarity-color issues before I can be sure of making a print though.

OTOH, Autochromes are so poor in quality, IDK what would result.

I played with this, the two main problems i had are as follows, using panchromatic black and white film you have to be careful of just how sensitive the film is to certain areas of the spectrum as it if has bias in say the yellow green the screen must accommodate this etc... tying to balance an incorrect screen to film ratio with a neg process would be a huge head ache in my opinion. Secondly the resolution is an issue. the image at 1:1 looks good but enlarging it breaks down. I think first everyone should perfect screens as a pos system then venture into neg.