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I'm searching for lenses that I could use with the spotmatic F and my canon 600d with adapter, both to have good results.

So the only lenses that are fully compatible are the SMC Taruman? Does anyone know how are they with never cameras?

And i can't use any Pentacon or Carl Zeiss? Or if I can, only with stop down metering?
Fully compatible with your Spotmatic F in the sense of allowing full-aperture metering (as opposed to stop-down), then the appropriate *Takumar* lenses designed for that are needed.

*Most* other M42 lenses (including CZJ and Pentacon) will work in stop-down mode on your Spotmatic F, though, as previously mentioned, there are a few which won't mount properly - you need to try them (or better, ask) on a case by case basis.

AFAIK, there should be no problem using any M42 lens with a Canon EF adapter.