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Fomapan 100 will responds well to the faint Green safelight discussed by STEVE ANCHELL. I get a TRUE film speed of about 250-320 with this method. I have tested it with a step tablet in the photo so I know I am really getting a true speed increase.
Thanks Brian.

Reciprocity is not a big concern under 5s (I lose max. 1/2 stop with most films). I read some more about hyper-sensitization and it seems to be meant mostly for improving reciprocity, so I don't think I should bother with all the equipment and testing.

Perborate latensification might not be as effective either, according to this post.

I might try safelight latensification as you suggested, although it might get tricky to get the right light intensity for film exposed at 6400 ISO (beside the fact that I'm in the process of moving and I don't have a bullet-proof darkroom...) .

So I think it is most important to just focus on the film/developer choice for now. Actually I prefer ADOX over Efke because of some consistency issues I had with Efke emulsions in the past, and for the very clear polyester base used in the newer ADOX films.