Using the word 'modernity' in this context needs some definition please because the word has a specific meaning and I'm not sure it's what you think it is. (apologies if I'm wrong).
If you mean that film photographers typically don't deal with the 'modern' world and digital photographers do I'd question such a broad-brush statement.


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More importantly, as photographers, is representation and the modernity we often omit from the frame deeming it 'banal', 'boring', 'clinical' and 'ugly' - words I see time and time again on this forum and words I've used myself. This is a condition that people who shoot film suffer from and digitalists, largely, do not. If there was to be some serious research carried out using images on Flickr there would undoubtedly be a massive correlation between 'film' tags and a lack of reference to modernity in the images.