Ronald, judging online is a challenging exercise at best, meaningless at worst.

My preference for FP4 in 35mm is based in how it actually looks on paper at 11x14 (my norm) as compared to the way TriX or HP5 print at 11x14.

Purely my opinions here.

Any B&W film fom Kodak, Fuji, or Ilford can make great pictures. The difference is artistic nuance, not technical merit.

For me at 8x10 with little to no cropping I find 400 speed films are normally pretty darn nice, when I enlarge more to get to 11x14 or crop significantly, Delta and T-Max 400 are sometimes good/sometimes not, but with HP5 and TriX at 11x14 or cropped I'm normally disappointed; small important details are regularly competing hard with the grain for the viewers attention.

To really see these differences/nuances, to see if they are important to you, you need real full size prints (your norm) in hand from the various films in question; the Internet won't get you there.