Hey Ed...here's another,

I was documenting a large Tattoo Convention which happens locally every year here, during this all day event [11.00am-midnight] I usually shoot a load of rolls. Anyway sometime late afternoon there was a guest entertainment section, some Rock Band from somewhere coming on stage in about 10 minutes time, I noticed that I'd got 10 shots to go in the roll....should I change the roll or shoot off 10 quick?

I started shooting off the ten, then got interupted by the event organiser [a simple question about something completely different] by this time the act was almost on stage. I forgot to change the roll!

I normally shoot almost everything in sight on stage so I would go through another roll on that one act alone, anyway a short time after things had calmed down I looked at the top of the camera and was shocked to find that the digital display read 75 shots. In horror I ran for the closest dark storeroom turned the light out, opened the camera a smidge and found that the entire roll was still lying across the blades but had not caught on the sprogs at the wind on end. So I had not only fired an extra 39 duff shots, but I'd also not fired the original 36 either.

This was a time when I could have easily stayed in the dark store room...well hidden away!

It was good that I'd had several rolls in the bag that were good and shot anothef fare few or so during the rest of the day to make up for the loss! All was not dispare?

Paul Berry

P.S. This is fastly becoming my favourite thread!