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There’s no advantage in using an 80mm WA enlarging lens compared to a standard 80mm enlarging lens on the 6 x 6cm or the 6 x 7cm format (most modern 80mm lenses fully cover the 6 x 7cm format) at magnifications not exceeding 10X (roughly corresponding to a 21.8” x 21.8” projection of the 6 x 6cm negative).

Standard 80mm lenses are usually rated 2X-6X(optimum)-10X, while an 80mm WA lens is intended for 4X-8X(optimum)-15X. These are Rodagon and Rodagon WA ratings. The Schneider ratings should be similar.
I kind of figured that, but haven't used the 80mm WA enough to verify. I also don't seem to have a problem using my standard "old" 80mm Componon for 6x7 like some people say. It seems to cover right to the corners just fine on my LPL6700. Since I have all the good "normal lenses I might just sell the 80 WA CompononS as I really don't need it. JohnW