So here it goes, all at Henry's in Toronto.
Kodak D-76, 128 oz powder $ 6.99
Kodak Indicator Stop 16 oz $6.99
Kodak Fixer Powder 1 Gal $6.99
Kodak Photo Flo 200 16 oz $8.99
Does this cover the ratio without
buying more of one item?
It also mentions Rapid Fix Hardener; where does that fit in
and do I need it?
Re- plenisher, I am asking to make sure but
you probably will tell me to forget this for now.
Am I missing something as far as chemicals is concerned. Little additive drops of some sort?
All I need now is to find a site either forum or personal
that tells or shows me the steps and what I need to do
and what is not necessary, stuff like to squeege or not to squeege; here is the question
Without having to bother all of you for each individual steps.
Trays and clothespin and what not I ( think ) I will figure that out.
Oh, what kind of cannister and inserts, plastic or metal?
If this is enough to finish a few rolls of BW 24 lenght I can see that once being able to finish this at home is still a lot cheaper than
having it shippped to a lab in Southern Ontario.