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Kodak D-76, 128 oz powder $ 6.99
Kodak Indicator Stop 16 oz $6.99
Kodak Fixer Powder 1 Gal $6.99
Kodak Photo Flo 200 16 oz $8.99
Thats a good basic list of what you need to get going. I would suggest getting a rapid fixer, they are easier to mix, work faster, and wash out easier. I like the Ilford Rapid Fix product, but Kodak makes it as well in a two part (you dont need the hardener part really). You do not have to stick to a single manufacturer's product line and can mix and match as long as you use them as indicated and in the correct order. (dev, stop, fix, wash)

My favorite tanks are the Patterson Super System 4 plastic tanks and reels, you would want at least a 2 reel sized tank. If you can find the plastic reels with the large insert tabs for 120 film, get them, they are very helpful for beginners learning how to get film onto reels.

Get yourself a a graduated beaker or at least a measuring cup with lines for mL and Oz. and a thermometer too.