Correlation does not mean causality. Just because your Delta 100 v Canon D proved your point does it really mean anything? What one prefers to photograph, paint, the type of music to listen to/perform, and other artistic expressions/pursuits; does not give you a platform to judge upon. Your armchair psychoanalysis of your brethren's interests (ie traditional photography) is frankly rude. Personally I photograph everything (my kids at the park or a beautiful landscape) and your judgement doesn't bother my interest, what bothers me, is that if I was a landscaper only, and every year I made a trek to my favorite national park to photograph serenity; who are you to judge that I am not in the present? Art, nature, humanity; are all intertwined, if one leans one way (ie more nature than say urban); why on earth do you think that would be a problem?