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So here it goes, all at Henry's in Toronto.
Kodak D-76, 128 oz powder $ 6.99
Kodak Indicator Stop 16 oz $6.99
Kodak Fixer Powder 1 Gal $6.99
Kodak Photo Flo 200 16 oz $8.99
Does this cover the ratio without
buying more of one item?
It also mentions Rapid Fix Hardener; where does that fit in
and do I need it?
Kodak fixer is the old standard, Most folks these days use Rapid fixer. Kodak makes a rapid fixer which comes with a hardener, they alos make "kodafix soution." It henrys I find the cheaper fix is the Ilford Rapid fix. One bottle makes 5 liters and is twice as fast, also you can mix it up as needed.
the ILFORD RAPID FIXER 1L TO MAKE 5LT Webcode: 420ILF022 is 11.99, while the 500ml Webcode: 420ILF018 is 7.95 so it is a touch cheaper by the liter. I normaly keep the 1 liter bottle in, and buy a new one for stock once I start to use one. It keeps very well.

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Re- plenisher, I am asking to make sure but
you probably will tell me to forget this for now.
Replenisher is only practical for Labs that run a lot of film. When you do small quantities it is best to use the developer for one roll and throw it away.

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Am I missing something as far as chemicals is concerned. Little additive drops of some sort?
That is the basics, many folks will skip the stop bath for film, but it is used for prints so no harm and it is cheep.

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All I need now is to find a site either forum or personal
that tells or shows me the steps and what I need to do
and what is not necessary, stuff like to squeege or not to squeege; here is the question
Without having to bother all of you for each individual steps.
Trays and clothespin and what not I ( think ) I will figure that out.
Oh, what kind of cannister and inserts, plastic or metal?
If this is enough to finish a few rolls of BW 24 lenght I can see that once being able to finish this at home is still a lot cheaper than
having it shippped to a lab in Southern Ontario.
That will provide the chemistry to develop your negs, You will need a tank to develop the film in. (you stick the film in the tank in total darkness, and then you can use the the chemicals in teh light) our pals henrys has the AP UNIVERSAL PLASTIC TANK W/2 REELS Webcode: 348APA005 which is as good as any for a beginner.. you may have to get the local store to get it in for you. To hang the film wooden clothespins will do.

BTW, Don't discount freestyle. I order a bunch of stuff from them a couple of times a year. if you shoot enough film the shipping can be worth it.