I too would recommend a non-hardening Rapid Fixer over Kodak regular fixer, unless shipping complexities make it a problem.

I would recommend the Kodak and Ilford Rapid Fixers equally, except the Kodak version is only sold with the hardener, and that little bottle of hardener:

a) is a concentrated (read strong) bottle of a highly acidic liquid; and
b) that little bottle of hardener makes it harder to ship the entire package.

You won't need, and probably won't want hardener with Kodak, Ilford or Fuji films.

Unlike Randy, I don't squeegee films when I hang them to dry. We have very soft water here though.

The links I referred to earlier, and the Horenstein book I referenced, will all answer many if not all of your questions.

Have fun! I have, since I was 11 years old.