I want to thank Mustafa for his comments about the Rolleicord/triotar lens camera. His pictures posted are great, to my eye. I have collected 3 of these cameras over the years, including the original model with the metal deco panels instead of leather. They are all pre-war, with uncoated lenses, but still work. A few years ago, my wife and I, and her visiting daughter went to Oxford MS to William Faulkners old home, "Rowan Oak" to take some pictures. I thought it would be fun for each of us to use one of these cameras, and compare results. With low expectations, we were quite surprised with how much we liked what we saw in the prints. The photos looked like they were actually taken back when Faulkner still lived there. I made my step-daughter some prints to take home with her, because she liked them so much. When I mention this to other photographers I usually get a look like "seriously?" The pictures are not razor sharp, high contrast pictures. But they have such nice tonal range and detail. Quite a vintage look for sure. I've got a couple of post war Rolleiflexs with coated tessar lenses, that take great pictures also, but have a different look, edgier, more contrast, but still not quite like modern lenses. This is what I love about photography, after over 40 years taking pictures, there's always something new to try, things to learn, still using film.

"I use different equipment, to see how something will look photographed with that camera or lens" - agnosticnikon

"I photograph, to find out how something will look photographed" - Garry Winogrand