Hi All,

Just when things were starting to ease back into place the most obscure of things crashed the entire database. In my efforts to find and purge old code that was possibly giving us issues, I removed an old plugin. Nothing unusual and something I have probably done 300 times over the last decade. Often if removal of such a plugin code gives grief it is easy to recover. In this case it crashed a key area of the database used to iron out any glitches, something I had never seen before. I had a vbulletin tech on hand a couple hours later who had also never seen such a thing happen. Anyway, after failing to recover the database I fell back to my backups from around 3hrs before. So, you may have some loss of data. As far as I can tell the restore has been successful.

Times of data loss April 23rd:
Database Backup occurred at roughly 7pm UTC
Database crash occurred at roughly 10:25pm UTC
Data between 7pm-10:25pm will be missing
here is a time zone calculator if needed: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

The good news is I've made contact with a highly skilled vBulletin tech who is available for some work. After catching up on some sleep I will be turning over some of the big issues to him.

I am sorry for the recent issues with APUG stability. I will continue to do my best to ensure this is sorted out as soon as humanly possible. Thanks again for your patience.