Survey is now closed, thanks to all who participated. Christoph will share his results when he can.
(***If you have already done the survey then ignore the recent PM message I sent. Otherwise please read on. Thanks***)

Hi All, I posted this earlier but it was lost due to the recent outage. So here goes again:

I just sent this below text via PM to quite a few (sorry, I forgot to make the survey link clickable so you'll need to copy paste it into your browser). If anyone else wants to help out with this that would be great. Christoph is a bit anxious as this was supposed to go out to the community several days ago but server woes had me tied up. Here is the message:

Hi All,

This is a bulk mail out to our subscribers to help a friend with his Master Thesis research. I'll post this in the forums as well. We need at least 150 to run through the below survey if possible.

Christoph has chosen APUG to run his research project due to his interest in analog photography. He saw APUG as a good close knit community to research brand. Christoph is Austrian and 23 years old. He did his BSc(Hons) at Manchester Business School (UK) and for his Masters he decided to go to France where he currently is enrolled at Grenoble Ecole de Management for his Masters which is run by Carolina Werle, PhD.


Carolina's explanation of Christoph's research:

"His topic is the relationship between virtual consumer tribes and online Brand Communities. He is specifically interested in understanding how individuals that belong to a tribe (defined as "a network of heterogeneous persons – in terms of age, sex, income, etc – who are interlinked by a shared passion or emotion; a tribe is capable of collective action, its members are not simple consumers, they are also advocates? Cova & Cova, 2002, p. 602) decide to join an online brand community. He is also exploring the relative importance of different motivations to join a brand community, such as self-discovery, information value or entertainment value. "


I have been working with Christoph for several months on this, and have been in communication with his professor at the university several times. I have done a lot to verify Christoph's identity over the last few months. I have communicated with him at his place of work, through facebook, his home, the university and other channels, verified addresses and internet isp, etc. This survey is not a spam or phishing expedition. The survey is also run via the university survey account. I have read through his initial thesis and I have even taken admin control of this survey account as well. The survey is link is below, simply click to proceed:

-survey is now closed-

If you can take a few minutes to do this survey you'll help out a good guy that's been working hard. Some may find the survey does not apply to them, this is by design, so if you can go through it anyway and answer honestly, the results will be vital for Christoph's research. The survey is anonymous and asks for no information from you. We'll post Christoph's work once he finishes his course.


P.S. So far 54 people have completed the survey. I'll keep the numbers updated..

60 now.. will update again in the morning

As of now 95 done, only 55 from the min. target Thanks guys

108 done...

127 done...

143 done....

161 done..

263... way over the goal. thanks all.

302... survey will likely be closing soon. Thanks for participating!

311... final total.