I had bought my first roll of Kodak HIE. Loaded it in my camera while in the darkroom. Went out (15 min. drive) and started taking shots. I get up to 6 on the counter and the camera (auto winder) starts making funny noises. I take another shot and it the sprockets not catching the sprocket holes!
Decision time! Drive home and attempt to fix this mis-feed in the darkroom where I can't see a thing, or open the camera back right then and there, re-spool and lose who knows how many frames!
Needless to say, I lost about 10 frames out of 36 with an additional 3-4 with fogging along the edges. Good thing this was the practice roll.

Also done the "why does the counter read 32 on a 24 exp?" and exposed a roll of Delta3200 as if it was FP4. Have yet to develop that one, not sure if it's worth it.

Hehee... opps!