Fifty-one years old here with a neurological issue. I can't walk very far because, if I do, I may not make it back to the car. Also, my hands are very often fumbly and/or shakey. Overall weight isn't a big issue but handling of a bulky camera is. I decided to avoid 8x10 or ULF but I want the control of a view camera. So I bought a compact 4x5 kit dedicated solely for 6x12cm roll film... plus a slightly larger 4x5 kit that has 7 inches of rear shift for those times I can handle the added bulk/weight/fussiness of 4x5 sheet film. I want the rear shift on the bigger camera so I can stitch 3 sheets together for final image sizes of 4x8 and 4x10. SSHHH... don't tell any one that I'm a "hybribastard"!!

ETA: Since my degradation is in and around the basal ganglia of my brain it also makes me forgetful and confused sometimes... during those times I can be a bit of an A-hole too. Those are the times I need to better recognize my disposition and stop posting on forums.